Baltimore Passport Locations

The following passport offices are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Please select a passport location in Baltimore to view the details.
Arlington Post Office
3500 Dolfield Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215-9998
Baltimore Main Post Office
900 E Fayette Street RM 118
Baltimore, MD 21233-9998
Brooklyn Cutis Bay Post Office
10 16th Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225-9998
BWI Post Office
USPS Blgd C Air Cargo Drive SPC 19
Baltimore, MD 21240-9998
Carroll Station
340 South Loudon Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229-9998
Catonsville Post Office
1001 Frederick Rd
Baltimore, MD 21228-9998
Clifton East End Post Office
4200 Shannon Drive
Baltimore, MD 21213
Druid Station Post Office
1826-30 Pennsylvania Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217-9998
Franklin Post Office
2401 Ashton Street
Baltimore, MD 21223-9998
Govans Post Office
4904 York RD
Baltimore, MD 21212-9998
Gwynn Oak Branch
6101 Liberty RD
Baltimore, MD 21207-9998
Hamilton Post Office
4901 Harford RD
Baltimore, MD 21214-9998
Hampden Station
919 West 34th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211-9998
Highlandtowm Post Office
6221 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224-9998
Holethrope Post Office
6 Waelchil Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227-9998
Loch Raven Branch
808 Gleneagles CT
Baltimore, MD 21286-9998
Mt Washington Station Post Office
5730 Cottonworth Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209-9998
Norwood Station Post Office
1800 E Northwood Pkwy
Baltimore, MD 21239-9998
Nottingham Branch Post Office
4990 Mercantile RD
Baltimore, MD 21236-9998
Raspeburg Station Post Office
6502 Belair RD
Baltimore, MD 21206-9998
Roland Park Finance Post Office
732 Deepdene RD
Baltimore, MD 21210-9998
Rosedale Post Office
700 Golden Ring RD
Baltimore, MD 21237-9998
Security Square Mall Post Office
6901 Security Blvd Suite 851
Baltimore, MD 21244-9998
South Station Post Office
146 West Ostend Street
Baltimore, MD 21230-9998
Walbrook Post Office
1908 N Ellamont Street
Baltimore, MD 21216-9998
Waverly Station Post Office
3000 Homewood Ave
Baltimore, MD 21218-9998

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